Time and Being: Part I

6,000 words   “And it feels like we only go backwards.” – Tame Impala “There is a trace of realization that cannot be grasped. We endlessly express this ungraspable trace of realization.” – Dogen Zenji “To be natural is something which we must work on.” – Shunryu Syzuki, Zen teacher You are already enlightened. This […]

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Time and Complementarity

6,900 words Header image taken from here.   “Perhaps all your life you think of happiness as something dangling in front of you, which you’ll catch up with sooner or later … Eventually it becomes clear that happiness was, all along, the one who was reaching. You thought it was some amazing roadside attraction you […]

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Strange Loops and Consciousness

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” – Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr “The instant field of the present is at all times what I call the ‘pure’ experience. It is only virtually or potentially either object or subject as yet. For the time being, it is plain, unqualified actuality, or existence, a simple […]

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Self-Transcendent Systems and the Higher Plane of Awareness Beyond Reason

“It was not just in the Andante of the Second Quartet that I remembered having translated (almost involuntarily) the distant memory of bells which in the evening at Montgauzy — and this is some time ago — came to us from a village called Cadillac when the wind blew from the west. From this dull sound a vague dreaminess arose, which, […]

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Interlude: Meditations on Structure and Changelessness

Editor’s Note: Each blogpost usually consists of a fictional dialogue followed by an essay that discusses recent advances in cognitive neuroscience, physics, and evolutionary biology/psychology in light of age-old metaphysical and epistemological questions. This blogpost, however, is one extended dialogue that takes place within the context of a broader narrative. It is inspired by an […]

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The Elusive Thing-In-Of-Itself

One fine morning, Willy and Philly visit the art museum together. On a tour through one of the exhibits, they come across this experimental work of art: Fig 1. A snapshot of The Thinker, by visual designer Charis Tsevis. “What am I supposed to make out of this?” Philly inquires with a puzzled look on his […]

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